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Miami County EMS Customer Service
Good customer service in EMS should be just as important as it is at a restaurant or store like Wal-Mart. Good patient care is always very important. But a lot of patients won't remember the medication, oxygen or IVs. They will remember a smile and whether or not you were nice. So to help us remember to be nice this was put together. Please read the following scenarios and watch the following video then complete the quiz and turn it in. Thank you.

Scenerio # 1
You are dispatched on a medical call out in the county. You arrive to find a 55 year old male sitting in his bedroom upstairs with no complaints. However his 4 kids ranging in age from 30 to 16 all are very concerned about him and say he isn't acting right. They state before they called the patient was asleep and then started making weird noises in his sleep. They woke him up because they were concerned and they said he just gave him a blank stare. They say he usually has smart responses when they ask him questions and just isn't answering like he usually does. On your assessment the patient is A and O x 3 and answers all you questions appropriately. His vitals are as follows. BP 144/90, pulse 76 strong and regular, RR 16 and normal, 98% SpO2. You do a Cincinnati Stroke Test which is all negative. All the rest of your assessments are normal with nothing significant founded. The patient is adamant he does not want to be transported to the hospital. The family is very adamant that the patient needs to be taken to the hospital. The patient is very adamant he is not going to the hospital. What is the best course of action for this call?
Scenerio # 2
You are dispatched to a call for near-syncope. You arrive to find a male in his mid-40s sitting on the edge of his bed in no obvious distress but slightly pale. The patient states he has been in the bathroom nearly all evening because he is doing a colonscopy prep to have the procedure done the next morning. He states he feels like he has nothing left but he feels very weak and his wife said he almost passed out before she called when he tried to stand up last. The patient states he has never had a colonscopy before and this is the first time doing a prep. You ask him if he has been drinking plenty of fluids and he says no, just enough to get the pills down for the prep. He then states he just wants to go to bed because he has to get up very early for the procedure in the morning and does not want to go to the hospital. The patients vitals are as follows: BP: 108/70, pulse: 82, RR: 16, SpO2: 97%. The patient does agree he should probably drink some more fluids and does go ahead and drink a Gatorade and glass of water but says he still feels very weak. The patient believes he is just dehydrated and is adamant he is not going to the hospital. However his wife is concerned and wants the patient to go. You try talking the patient into being transported to no avail. What should you do next?

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